Conference Training

We have an amazing selection of all-day training offerings for conference attendees. Learn Scala, Play, Akka, Spark and more big-data technologies before and after the conference from our illustrious training partners.

Join Scala By The Bay and Big Data Scala on August 16th, 2015 for a unique day of End-to-End Data Pipeline Training.

We'll have hundreds of engineers building, in one day, a complete analytics startup with:
  • Mesos (Mesosphere DCOS) as a platform by Mesosphere
  • Akka-based API by Typesafe
  • Kafka message bus by Confluent
  • Spark streaming by Databricks
  • Cassandra for persistence by Datastax
  • Spark Notebook by Andy Petrella

Training by Escalate

Our venerable Bay Area Scala friends, Bill Venners and Dick Wall of Escalate are also offering 30% discount off their Stairway to Scala course on Parleys: STAIRWAYSBTB.
Join BoldRadius for a special selection of their trainings for Scala By The Bay and Big Data Scala attendees taught by worldwide experts.
Aug 11-12Fast Track to Scala
Aug 11-12Fast Track to Play with Scala
Aug 13-14Fast Track to Akka with Scala
Aug 19-20Spark for Devs Workshop
Aug 19-20Advanced Akka with Scala

Conference attendees get $200 off the training. Upon conference registration, you'll receive a code to use for the training registrations.